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*Girls can wear any type of leotard (No two-piece leotards due to safety on the equipment). Footless tights are optional. Students may go barefoot or wear gymnastics shoes. Please have hair shoulder length or longer hair tied back. No hard balls or barrettes. No jewelry, including knotted strings, beads, nylon bands, anklets, and similar may be worn during class except for studded earrings.

*Boys wear T-shirts and shorts with no buckles, snaps, or zippers. All T-shirts should be tucked into pants.

*No gum chewing, eating, or drinking (other than water) during class. Water bottles are allowed.

* There is no lost and found.  Anything left in the gym will be discarded during the nightly cleaning.

We take and record attendance. To receive a make-up token for an excused absence, you must email the office 2 days prior to your absence. This gives us the opportunity to allow another child to fill that class spot. We do not offer make-ups, prorate, or refund for unexcused absences.  Parents are responsible for scheduling a makeup class.  Email:  registration@gymeast.com

Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy.  We can schedule a make-up in another class that has an opening or in an Open Gym.  To receive a make-up token for an excused absence, you must email the office 2 days prior to your absence. This gives us the opportunity to allow another child to fill that class spot. We do not offer make-ups, prorate, or refund for unexcused absences.   Make-up classes can only be scheduled if you have “Make-up Class Tokens” on your account to use.   All make-up classes or Open Gyms must be scheduled with the office by emailing:  registration@gymeast.com

Open Gym is held at both our Issaquah and Bellevue locations.  For the months of April, May, and June 2021 the schedule is as follows:

Issaquah Gym:   Kindergarten – Middle Schoolers – Every Monday from 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Issaquah Gym:   Tiny Tots (4 to 6-year-olds) – Saturday, April 24th, Saturday, May 8th, and Saturday, June 12th from 3:00pm – 3:45pm.
Bellevue Gym:   Kindergarten – Middle Schoolers – Every Thursday from 6:45pm – 7:45pm or Saturdays from 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Open Gym is available to the general public or registered students for $20 (includes tax). Open Gym is not class structured. See our flyers for the most updated information.

Only our high school class is drop-in-based and only located at our Bellevue location.  You purchase a punch card to attend this class.  (Please email registration@gymeast.com for a punch card).  The high school class schedule is listed on our Bellevue Class Flyers.  Flyers

There are no drop-ins for all other classes. If your child is interested in trying a class but not sure if he/she will like it, we do offer a trial class for $25 per child/per class.  You must have an account on our Parent Portal and be registered to attend a trial class.

Team programs are by invitation only. Head coaches from each team program select students out of our class programs who they feel will fit the standards for competitive gymnastics.

We do not. Both our boy’s gymnastics and Flying Ninja programs are for 1st through 5th graders.  To see our class flyers, click here.

(Emerald City Gymnastics in Redmond and Tech Gymnastics in Woodinville offer competitive gymnastics for boys)

We do not, but Tech Gymnastics does.

Amazon! Really anywhere online but Amazon has a wide variety.

We want to ensure safety every time your student steps foot onto the gymnastics floor. Loose long hair can momentarily obscure vision, can get caught in the coach’s hands while spotting a skill, as well as create a hazard when upside down, especially in a bridge or backbend where it is almost impossible to avoid stepping on long hair with your own hands.

If you have a specific coach/instructor in mind for your child, feel free to speak to that coach/instructor. If you do not have time to talk or do not know which coach to ask, please contact the office at registration@gymeast.com and we will email coaches/instructors for you. After that, all communication about the private lesson will be between you and the coach. Your child must be at least 5 years old. Price may vary depending on the coach’s credentials.

We also offer Mini Privates:  This is a 30 minute, one-on-one instruction with a Senior Coach.  You do not need to be registered in a class to schedule a mini-private but need to be 5 years old – 5th grade.

Cost:  $45 (payment due upon registration)
Register online here.
A three-day notice is required to cancel for credit. There are no refunds or credits for missed Mini Privates.

Our class program is designed to teach the basics of gymnastics along with strength and flexibility in a fun environment. We break down skills into progressive steps using soft equipment. Our goal is to develop happy, healthy and confident children. Our lesson plans are posted in the lobby of both our locations! You can see exactly what your child is learning each week.

For our Girls Class Program, we have a few events each year that give the gymnast the opportunity to compete the skills they have been working on and perform routines they learn during class.

  • Mini Nationals: This event takes place several times a year. The students learn routines on beam and bars, floor and vault during their class. They get to show off what they have been learning and we do our best to run it like a typical competition, with achievement ribbons and certificate awards from our team judges.
  • Gym Show: Gym show is at the end of the school year. This is similar to Mini Nationals but each gymnast receives a leotard and learns a dance-acro routine as well as a routine on each event. This is a fun event for family and friends and a bigger venue than Mini Nationals.
  • For our Tiny Tot program: Winterfest is a fun show for our Grasshoppers, Crickets, Bumblebees and Hummingbirds. The children perform routines with music and costumes. Families are encouraged to come watch and take pictures. There is no participation cost for this event but a small admissions fee is charged. It is held on a Saturday afternoon/evening in December.
  • For our Boys: Boys Fitness Challenge is an event similar to Gym Show. The boys prepare by practicing the skills in class on all 6 of the apparatus: tumble track, rings, rope, parallel bars, pommel horse and floor. They receive a medal and a t-shirt for their participation. It is a fun event for the boys to show off what they have been working on.

Once your child has achieved all the skills required to move up to the next level, their coach will suggest signing up for a skill evaluation. Our skill evaluations are scheduled through the office and are coach recommended only. If you are curious where your child stands, feel free to speak with his/her coach. We post our move-up skill requirements in the lobby area of both locations.

We allow a child to be placed on an unlimited amounts of waitlists per location. Once a class has an opening, we will be sure to email you and then you may accept the spot. Once we email you, you will have 2 business days to reply and accept the spot.  Please make sure you have a valid email address in your account and do not click the “unsubscribe” option in the Parent Portal or you will not receive these announcements.

Yes, we sell leotards, sweatshirt, backpacks, duffle bags and hair ties.

We also sell grips, wristbands, tape, pre-wrap and tigerpaws. -Bellevue Gym Only

If your child is 3 years old, in accordance with the USA Gymnastics rules and regulations, parents must stay in the building during his/her class.

If your child is 4-6 years old, and needs assistance using the bathroom, a parent or guardian must stay.

If your student is 1st-5th or older, parents may leave and come back at the end of class. Please keep in mind there is a late fee for late pick up(15 minutes or more).

*Summer Camps and Classes. 

*Our Mini Nationals Show on May 23rd (for girls 1st - 5th grade) 
*Open Gym/Make-up Class times at both gym locations.
*Tiny Tot Open Gyms at the Issaquah Gym location.
he 2020-2021 School Year ends June 28th.

We are open for in-person classes under the Healthy Washington Plan.