Move-Up Requirements

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Move-Up Requirements

At each level of our program we use many horizontal progressions and drills. These strengthen and better equip students to achieve the following basic skills required to move to the next level.

1st-5th Grade Girls Program

Intermediate Skill Evaluation Requirements (Mini Flip/Flip)

Vault: Good hurdle; Squat on and straddle on.
Bars: Pullover at chest height; Jump to sole circle swing w/straight legs; Regrasp swings; Fwd. roll to tuck hang.
Beam: Lever down & back to lunge; Fwd. roll with pad; Straight leg walks fwd/bwd; Pivot turn; Safety fall.
Floor: Cartwheel thru vertical; Handstand to vertical; Bridge kickover off red block; Fwd and bwd roll to feet on floor w/correct technique; Safety fall bwd and fwd shoulder; Back walkover over roller.

Intermediate/Advanced Skill Evaluation Requirements (Aerials)

Vault: Jumpy Uppy; Jump to straight arm fwd roll; 3 controlled straight jumps on Double Mini.
Bars: Pullover above head; 1 Cast back hip circle; 3sec. L hang on low bar; Jump to straddle sole circle dismount; Front support push to knee hold 3 sec.; Single leg cut forward.
Beam: Bwd. shoulder roll with pad; Lever hop to lunge; Releve walks fwd./bwd. w/straight legs; Round off dismount thru vertical.
Floor: Straight arm fwd. roll; Handstand straight arm fwd. roll; Straddle up to handstand; Bridge kickover on floor; Bwd roll to pike stand; Cartwheel step together thru vertical; Back handspring to handstand over the roller to prone fall.

Advanced Skill Evaluation Requirements (Springers)

Vault: Handstand flat fall; Front handspring to feet (mini to donut); Knee drop handstand on tumble trak; Front tuck off double mini.
Bars: Glide swing; 1 chin up; 2 straight leg lifts; Single leg cut back; Stride circle; Under swing dismount; Press to knees and step up or cast squat on.
Beam: ¾ handstand to lunge; Cartwheel to handstand dismount; ½ turn.
Floor: Straddle up to HS straight arm fwd roll; Round off thru vertical; Backlimber kickover or Back walkover; Straight arm bwd roll to front support; Backhandspring (cheese or TT).

1st-5th Grade Boys Program

Bumblebees to Mini Eagles

General: Follows directions, stays on task.
Bars: Pullover at chest height to front support; Forward roll to tuck hang.
Floor: Reasonable cartwheel attempt; Handstand to vertical; Reasonable bridge; Fwd and bwd roll; Straddle travels.
Rings: Skin the cat.

Intermediate/Advanced Skill Evaluation Requirements (Falcon/Hawk)

Bars: Pullover (shoulder height bar); Regrasp swings; Fwd. roll to chin up tuck.
Floor: Cartwheel with reasonably straight legs; Good handstand; Bridge kickover off green block; Dive roll over mailbox to cheese; Handstand fwd roll (pause in handstand); Safety fall bwd and fwd shoulder; Back walkover over roller.
Parallel Bars: 3 swings to rear dismount (touching bar ok); Front support walks;
Rings: 8 sec. chin-up hold; Inverted hang; Skin the cat.
Side Horse: Leg cuts (sitting after cut is ok).
Strength: 10 good push – ups; 45 sec V-hold; 30 sit ups in 60 sec (feet held); rope climb 1/2 way up with legs.
Trampoline: Front drop; Basic shapes (tuck, straddle, pike); Seat drop doggie drop to feet.

Tiny Tot Program 4 Years-Kindergarten

Crickets to Bumblebees

General: Follows directions, stays on task
Bars: Walk up wall pullover to front support; Front support fwd. roll on high bar; Skin the cat; Turtle hang; Good bell swing.
Beam: Bearwalk on low beam; Walk on high beam and jump to feet dismount; Releve walk on low beam; Safe mount; Safety fall off beam.
Floor: Fwd.roll on floor to feet; Bwd. roll on small wedge to feet; Teeter hop totter to lunge; Safety fall bwd; St. arm bwd. to bear over roller; Bwd to bear off trap. Good monkey jump.

Bumblebees to Hummingbirds

General: Follows directions and has a good work ethic.
Bars: Pullover to F. Support; 5sec. turtle hold; Jump to bell swing; Skin-the-cat on rings; Fwd roll on high bar to tuck hang; 3 sec. pike hold.
Beam: Safety fall; Releve walks fwd on high beam; Bwd walks on high beam; Pivot turn; Forward roll (low beam). Follows directions and has a good work ethic.
Floor: Cartwheel through vertical; Handstand to vertical; Safety fall bwd; Fwd & bwd roll to feet on floor; Bridge with straight arms and flat feet; Run-hurdle-land; Tuck, Straddle & Pike Jumps.

Flying Ninja Program 1st-5th Grade

Flying Ninja 1 to Flying Ninja 2

Strength: Rope climb; 10 push-ups; 1 long hang chin-up
Bars: Monkey walks/ape swings; forward roll; jump, swing, stick; squat on, jump off
Beam: Jump off beam and roll; step vault over beam; forward roll; bear walk, backward walk
Floor: Dive forward roll; squat push through; climb up onto head high mat; broad, stride, stride, broad stick; box jump-hip height, forward/backward shoulder roll; body length broad jump; 2 step wall run

Summer classes are currently running through August 30th.

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